Information Technology SVET

PC Repair




Board Developed Course                 A total of 4 units of credit -  Preliminary and/or HSC

Minimum mandatory work placement – 70hrs Category B status for Australian Tertiary Admission Rank  (ATAR)

This curriculum framework includes courses which are accredited for the HSC and provides students with the opportunity to obtain nationally recognised vocational qualifications. This is known as dual accreditation.

Course Description

This course is for students who wish to develop knowledge and skills to commence a career and be an effective employee in the information technology industry.


Course Structure




Follow workplace safety procedures


Communicate in the workplace


Operate a personal computer


Create user documentation


Design organisational documents using computing packages


Install and optimize operating system software


Operate computer hardware


Provide advice to clients


Operate computing packages


Care for computer hardware


Integrate commercial computing packages


Run standard diagnostic tests


Use computer operating system


Work effectively in an IT environment


Apply occupational health and safety procedures


Use development software and IT tools to build a basic website

Assessment and Course Completion

Competency-based  Assessment

Students in this course work to develop the competencies, skills and knowledge described by each unit of competency. To be assessed as competent a student must demonstrate that they can effectively carry out tasks to industry standard. Students will be progressively assessed as ‘competent' or ‘not yet competent' in individual units of competency.

Optional HSC examination

Students completing this course are eligible to sit an optional, written HSC examination. The purpose of the examination is to provide a mark which may be used in the calculation of the ATAR. The examination is independent of the competency-based assessment undertaken during the course and has no impact on the eligibility to receive an AQF VET qualification.

N Determinations

Where a student has not met Board of Studies course completion criteria, including meeting work placement requirements – 35hrs (Prelim) / 35hrs (HSC), they will receive an ‘N' determination (course not satisfactorily completed). The course will then not count towards the HSC although units of competency achieved will still count towards AQF VET qualification.


Students may lodge appeals against assessment decisions or ‘N' determinations through their school or college.




Pathways to Industry

Skills gained in this industry transfer to other occupations. Working in the information technology industry involves:

  • designing web pages
  • networking computers
  • supporting computer users
  • communicating with clients
  • finding solutions to software problems


Examples of occupations students can aim for in the information technology industry:

  • desktop publisher
  • help desk officer
  • internet specialist
  • service technician
  • multimedia developer
  • network administrator
  • software developer
  • technical support officer
  • web designer


Course costs:   $15.00


Course requirements:   An evidence folder (egg A4 38mm insert binder) USB flash drive 1Gb


Refunds: Students who exit the course before completion may be eligible for a partial refund of fees. The

amount of the refund will be pro-rata, dependent upon the time the student has been enrolled in the course.


AQF VET Qualification(s)

Depending on the selection and achievement of units of competency, the possible qualification outcomes are:

  • Certificate II in Information Technology ICA20105


Statements of Attainment in partial completion of these Certificates are also available.


Your teacher or VET Coordinator will advise the competencies and qualifications that may be available.


For more information on possible outcomes please visit the NSW Board of Studies website:


A school-based traineeship is available in this course, for more information:

Information Technology Specialisation Study Units (+180 indicative hours)

An additional Specialisation Study course may be available. Examples of electives are listed in the sample course structure below.


Unit code

Unit title


Connect internal hardware components


Implement system software changes


Administer network peripherals


Migrate to new technology


Customise packaged software applications for clients


Use advanced features of computer applications


Capture a digital image


Depending on the selection and achievement of units of competency, the possible qualification outcomes from a study of the Information Technology (240 hour) course and Specialisation Study (180 hour) are:


  • Certificate III in Information Technology ICA30105


Statements of Attainment in partial completion of these Certificates are also available.


Exclusions: Nil