Stage 4

Stage 4 – Technology (Mandatory)

The Stage 4 Technology units are mandatory for all Year 7 and 8 students.  A minimum of 100 hours study per year is required by the Board of Studies.  This equates to five periods per cycle for Year 7, and five periods per cycle for Year 8.

During Technology, students are introduced to the Design Process and are required to design solutions to a range of challenges using a variety of technologies.  These include ICT/multimedia, timber, food, textiles,  and graphics.

WH&S policies of all practical exercises are introduced and must be adhered to during practical exercises.

During this period, students gain an understanding of design and are introduced to the subjects available as electives during stage 5.

Fees for Year 7 Technology are $50

Fees for Year 8 Technology are $50 

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