Stage 5 - Textiles

Stage 5 Textiles Technology fees


Textiles Technology is an elective subject provided for students in Stage 5 at Wadalba Community School.

Whilst every effort to keep costs to a minimum is made, the cost of providing consumable resources cannot be met by the global budget allowance alone, while still providing engaging, practical projects.

To enable the continuation of our successful, engaging, practical programs, we ask that a fee contribution of $45.00 for year 9 and $35 for year 10 be made to the school as early as possible in Term 1.  This covers the cost of:

  • Fabric
  • Miscellaneous – thread, needles, machine feet, tape, etc
  • Equipment maintenance

I am more than happy to discuss any queries related to this, or discuss alternate payment arrangements.


Thank you for your continued support,

Mr T Pickett

Head Teacher TAS

Wadalba Community School