TAS Fees

TAS Fees

What do we get for the money?

We understand that this will be the first question that comes to mind when you are asked to pay fees for a TAS subject. As part of our commitment to transparent and open lines of communication between staff and the community, we are very excited about the opportunity to supply you with the details of our resource management policies. We aim to provide students with engaging, hands-on, industry experience in a variety of settings. In order to do this we must purchase a variety of consumable resources and materials that unfortunately cannot be covered under school global funding.

Different subjects require different consumables and quantities; therefore fee amounts vary according to the subject. Below are the links to all of our subjects. By following these links you will be provided with information about the fees charged for each subject.

Stage 5 and 6 subjects are elective, therefore consideration of fee prices may be used to inform decision-making when students are choosing an elective subject. Fee assistance is available. Please consult the Head Teacher of Welfare for further details regarding this.

To pay fees click Make a Payment above. Click on the links below for a detailed description of what the fees for each subject are, and what they will be used for:


Stage 5:


Stage 6:


Thank you for your continued support

Mr T Pickett

Head Teacher TAS

Wadalba Community School