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The TAS faculty would like to take this opportunity to welcome students and their families.

Parents are reminded that personal protective equipment is mandatory during all TAS practical lessons. For specific details of our WHS policies and all relevant information pertaining to the TAS faculty please go to this link.

We would also ask that fee contributions are paid as early as is convenient for you. This will allow us to continue to offer the exciting practical project opportunities that our faculty has become renowned for. Notes containing specific information about subject fees for individual subjects have been sent home. This information can also be found on the TAS Fees page, or please call the school and ask for myself if you have any further queries..

Generally at this time of year student's fall into one of two groups. Students in Years seven, nine and eleven are being introduced to a new TAS subject, while students in years eight, ten and twelve are passing the halfway point of their current TAS elective.

Year seven students are being introduced to the design process, a concept which will be extremely important to them in all of our subjects as well as in their life outside of school. Students will be participating in Multimedia and Textiles focused practical projects. Students will be introduced to the Textiles/Sewing rooms and Multimedia Labs.

Year eight students are continuing their developing understanding of the design process through the design and construction of a Timber Box and Gum Ball machine and involved in preparing a range of meals. Students will be introduced to the timber workshop and the kitchens.

Year nine will be getting acquainted with their new elective subject. In most cases this will begin with a thorough review of WH&S procedures required for the subject, including mandatory WH&S testing. Details of most of these courses can be found on Google Classroom. All students should be able to navigate to the appropriate page for their course once they have enrolled.

Year ten will be completing WH&S components, beginning theory and folio requirements and getting ready to begin practical projects in many cases.

Year eleven will be beginning what is a very busy two years. During term one, they will be getting acquainted with the course requirements by liaising with the Board of Studies website and beginning their first assessment task. In most cases this will be due during the last few weeks of term one.

Year twelve students are now into the second term of their course. They should be completing their second assessment task and in many cases be well into their major project. It is imperative that TAS students completing major projects (this includes: Industrial Technology Graphics, Multimedia and Timber, as well as Design and Technology, Textiles, Information Processing Technology and Software Design and Development students) complete a part of their project EVERY DAY. All of these subjects contain a folio component which can be completed at any time, anywhere. These students should be starting construction of their project by week five term one 2013. They should also be referring to their "Time and Action Plan" every week, to ensure they are staying on schedule.

Further details are available by following the appropriate links on our website. As always, if you have any further enquiries about any of our subjects, please don't hesitate to contact me via phone on 4343562888 or email timothy.pickett@det.nsw.edu.au.


Thank you for your continued support,

Tim Pickett

Head Teacher

Technology and Applied Studies


 TAS Room