Science Classes

Science provides a distinctive view and way of thinking about the world. The study of science has led to an evolving body of knowledge organised as an interrelated set of models, theories, laws, systems, structures and interactions. 

Through the study of science, students investigate phenomena that occur over a range of scales, from the subatomic to the cosmological, from events that take place almost instantaneously to processes occurring over billions of years, from the origins of the universe to contemporary phenomena.

This study provides opportunities for students to become independent learners and promotes their development of informed attitudes towards science and the environment.


The Science courses have been developed in conjunction with the Board of Studies syllabuses. The curriculum is designed to provide educational opportunities that:


  • engage and challenge all students to maximise their individual talents and capabilities for lifelong learning

  • enable all students to develop positive self-concepts and their capacity to establish and maintain safe, healthy and rewarding lives

  • prepare all students for effective and responsible participation in their society, taking account of moral, ethical and spiritual considerations

  • encourage and enable all students to enjoy learning, and to be self-motivated, reflective, competent learners who will be able to take part in further study, work or training

  • promote a fair and just society that values diversity

  • promote continuity and coherence of learning, and facilitate the transition between primary and secondary schooling.


                                            Science Topics Year 8 – Year 10



Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Term 1

Living Things

Transporting Energy


Term 2

Natural Resources / ecosystems

Atomic Theory

Student research project

Term 3

Changing Matter

Human body / Natural disasters


Term 4


Alternative Energy



The Science faculty offers the following subjects to students in Years 11 and 12:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth & Environmental Science
  • Physics
  • Investigating Science
  • Marines Studies
  • Primary Industries - Agriculture