Term One

Middle School HumanitiesMiddle School Humanities


Tylah-Rae produced an outstanding line sketch of Big Ben in London.


In Humanities this term Middle School classes have untaken a novel study of the book The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan.  As part of the unit students have been completing a range of activities to improve their reading and comprehension skills.

The Geography topic for this term is Landscapes and Landforms. Students have been exploring different types of landscapes and landforms from Australia and other parts of the world. They have been learning about the processes that create landscapes and shape individual landforms and evaluate the value of these to different people. Students are developing their skills as geographers and produced a line sketch of a landscape or landform.


Middle School MPSMiddle School MPS

Measuring Physical Space (MPS)

Students have been extremely busy in MPS and have consolidated on a great start to the term. In Science, students have been learning about matter and the different forms it takes. They have investigated mixtures and made their own sherbet as an introductory lesson in the laboratory.

In PE, students have been taking part in field events, which prepared them for the Athletics Carnival. In Health students have been looking at good and bad sportsmanship and how they should conduct themselves on the field. Students have also taken part in an Anti-Bullying program that looks at conflict within relationships and ways to deal with it. Students have shown great maturity when dealing with positive and negative scenarios.

In Mathematics, Year 7 have already completed units on Numeration and Integers. They are currently studying Angles and will be assessed on all units later in the term.

As part of the Anti-Bullying program at school we encourage both parents and students visit our website: wotzupwadalba.




Year 7 (Classes B to I) have learnt to introduce themselves in Japanese this term and are now starting to learn to read and write in Japanese Hiragana. Students will engage in interactive learning games both online and in groups to practice their learning. 



7A are studying Spanish this year.  They are currently working through the Languages Online units, focussing on basic vocabulary such as family, pets, numbers 1-20 and colours.  The students have been asked to bring earphones with them for every LOTE lesson so they can concentrate on set work.

Students seem to be enjoying learning a new language.  I encourage them to continue their learning at home.  Duolingo is a good, free app that students can download on their phones or computer to enhance their learning in class.  Alternatively, 123teachme has some fun games and students have to answer Spanish questions to move onto the next level.


Year 7 Cultural Day

In Week 5 next term Year 7 will be participating in a Japanese cultural day. There will a range of Japanese inspired activities including origami, craft, games, quizzes and sport. Students will complete activities in house groups and will have the opportunity to gain house points.


Student Commendations

We would like to congratulate the following students for their commitment to their learning.


Annalise Church

Theo Karnowski

Janae-Grace Puni

Joss Doran

Brooklyn Cane

 Caprice Dawson

Vanessa Le

Baylee Thomson

Kristelle Peace

Kylie Bird

Cameron Jackson

Maddison Porter

Isaac Byrne

Xander Lehto

Joey McCulloch

Liam Cranidge

Kiarra Garth

Samuel            Whitehead

Cohen  Gregory

Bailey Herder

Maximus Pollard

Tiana Bagnall

Leah Ragen

Tasharn Smith

Tyla Cassin

Jeremy Hawkins

Drew Mangan


They have all demonstrated out core values of Respect, Responsibility and Excellence.

Beverly Partridge

Head Teacher