Stage 4 - Year 8

Welcome to Year 8 Mathematics

Welcome to year 8.

If your son/daughter has not been bringing a calculator to school for use during their Mathematics lessons they are at a huge disadvantage to their peers.


The Mathematics Faculty recommends that all students use a CASIO fx-82 plus calculator. These calculators may be purchased from the school canteen for $35. The CASIO fx-82 plus is very user friendly and caters for all students from Years 7 to 12.


All calculators may be submitted to the Mathematics Faculty to have the student's name engraved on the back.

Students will be provided with four major assessment tasks this year, at the end of each term. Students are encouraged to seek extra assistance from teachers if and when required. Some useful resources include:


The schools Homework Centre (Wednesdays in the library 2.45-3.45) (activities linked to the nsw curriculum), (power points covering the majority of topics in year 8)


Year 8 scope and sequence (pdf 135 KB) Numeracy Day Fun