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Reminder for Parents

A reminder for parents that all students from Years 8 to 12 are required to have a calculator.  As the course work progresses it becomes significantly harder for students to meet the course outcomes without the use of a calculator. Calculators can be found at most newsagents, retail stores and can also be purchased at the school canteen for $30.00.


Welcome Back 2017

The Mathematics Faculty would like to welcome you back to another productive school year. As a result of parent feedback we have introduced a revision booklet for Year 7-10 to assist students with building their skills and self-monitoring their understanding of the concepts presented in class. Students are encouraged to purchase these from the office for $16. Classroom teachers will be regularly referring to these and encouraging students to complete tasks.


Homework is designed to enhance and consolidate classroom learning and develop a sound work ethic. Additional support can be accessed through the Homework Centre on a Wednesday afternoon or by making an appointment with their classroom teacher during break times. The order of topics and assessments for Mathematics is available on the schools Website.


Students in year 7-10 will have their first major assessment task during weeks 7-10 based on the work presented during term 1. Year 11 students will complete their first task in week 9 for General Mathematics and Week 8 for Mathematics. Our year 12 students are working hard as they prepare for their Half Yearly Exams in weeks 9 and 10. Year 12 students are encouraged to access the online EDROLO resource in their preparation.


Once again this year the Mathematics Faculty will be running a variety of excursions including World of Maths, Year 7 Numeracy Day, Aboriginal Numeracy Day, Year 11 Maths Association Luna Park and Year 6 Enrichment.


We are looking forward to working with both Parents and Students to ensure a successful Year. Please do not hesitate to contact myself or your child's classroom teacher if you have any concerns.