Maths courses aim to create confidence and enjoyment in doing mathematical activities. Students develop an awareness of how maths can be used to solve problems in everyday life. They also learn of its contribution to the development of society.

Maths courses also aim to develop knowledge, skills and understanding in the following areas:

  • logical, flexible, fluent and original thinking;
  • computation and problem solving skills;
  • appropriate language for the effective communication of mathematical ideas and experiences;
  • an ability to recognize mathematical patterns and relationships;
  • a variety of methods for calculation and problem solving;
  • an awareness of the basic structure of mathematics by an appreciation of the nature and inter-relationship of the various strands of mathematics.



Students are  encouraged to purchase a relevant revision booklet from the office for $16. Under each year group section there is a scope and sequence to support your child with their revision of topics utilisng this book. 

Revision Books available from the office


Stage 4

Year 7 - MPS (compulsory)

Year 8 - Mathematics (compulsory)


Stage 5