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HSC Collection

Wadalba Community School Library has many resources to help our HSC students through their studies.

In the HSC Collection you will find all the 2013 English texts as well as study guides to all the current subjects.  Most are available for a 14 day loan period – please ask Mrs. Taylor or Ms. Hanlon for assistance if needed.

How to get to the Library catalogue?  Use one of the library's Online Public Access Catalogues (OPACs). Or you can access the catalogue from any computer, by logging on to the school Portal and following/using the; Links – Library – WCS Library enquiry screen.

The library catalogue is a list of everything that the library has in it'scollection from books to CDs, DVDs and magazines.  You can search by author, title or subject.  To view all the library's HSC resources, simply search by ‘subject', typing ‘HSC' into the search box then sort into either ‘location' or ‘Dewey' order if you wish to narrow your search to a particular area.

World Book encyclopedia onlineis only available to our students because the school pays a subscription.  World Bookis a general encyclopedia where the information contained in it is reliable.   

How to research a topic

Follow these 6 steps and you will be able to research any topic with ease.

  1. Define– what is the problem I have to solve?
  2. Locate– how do I find the information I need?
  3. Select– what resources will be best to use?
  4. Organise– how best can I use my information?
  5. Present– how can I best present the information?
  6. Assess– how well did I complete the assignment?

HSCweb links

  1. NSW HSC Online– Information on HSC issues, topics and syllabus.
  2. Board of Studies– HSC syllabi, text lists and past papers.
  3. The State Library Information Services- Online databases, legal resources and more.
  4.  Writer's Reference Center- A one stop location for all the tools to write and research effectively.



Modern History Links

These links are good sources of authoritative information on various aspects of the history curriculum.





Returning your Library books

Have you returned your overdue Library books?  Recently a story from the US surfaced where it only took half a century for a student to return two overdue Library books;

 "A package containing the two books arrived at Camelback High School on 3 November baffling Librarian Georgette Bordine.  Along with the package, which had no return address, was a money order for $1000 and a note.  The sender wrote that the money should cover overdue fees and a little extra in case the overdue rates had changed.  The writer calculated that 2 cents per day for 51 years equalled $745 in late fees for the two books.  The Librarian believes that it says a lot about the past students of the school as they don't forget their early mistakes and they try to correct them."

Of course we don't charge late or overdue fees, however we do send a letter home if the books are not returned and then ask for payment or a replacement copy.   So…start hunting for those overdue books and return them to Wadalba Community School, but don't wait 50 years!!

Thank you.

WCS Library