Welcome to Wadalba Community School

We have a number of lovely, bright spaces for lessons, reading and studying and a large array of resources for borrowing.

Senior students have a special area for quiet study.

There are a number of sections in the library resource collection including:

  • Fiction
  • Non fiction
  • Biographies
  • Senior Study Guides - print and USB (PDHPE)
  • Graphic Novels
  • Picture books
  • Magazines
  • Electronic database

We subscribe to World Book (WB) online which is an electronic database of encyclopedia articles covering a wide range of subjects for Primary and Secondary students.  Information within WB may also include videos and images, plus there are maps, an atlas and dictionary.  The teacher librarian is here to help you with finding a book or resource to best meet your information or literary needs.  Teacher librarians also work with classroom teachers as instructional partners in the learning process particularly in terms of information technology, accessing quality information and research skills.  The library assistant is able to assist with borrowing and printing.



8.00 am - 2.30 pm (closed recess Monday and Friday)


1.00 pm - 1.30 pm (excludes Monday and Tuesday)

Borrowing:  Years 7-12: 5 items for a maximum of two weeks

Computers:  Area 1 - 20 desktops, CLS - 15 desktops, 12 tablets are available for individual use

Wi-Fi Access is provided for your personal learning device

Printing and Photocopying:  Students are responsible for replenishing their account, once an initial school amount has been used.  Students pay for printing at the front office and take the receipt to I.T. Department who will replenish a students account.

Library Staff

Mrs T Taylor - Teacher Librarian

Ms B Hanlon - SASS Library

Mrs K Crowther - Primary Teacher

Library catalogue

Log-in via the DE student portal - My School Library - OLIVER home page - search for book by title, author, subject or series.  There is a direct link to World Book online encyclopedia database.