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We have had some change in staffing this year with the loss of Mr Toby Butler. Mr Butler accepted a transfer to Rutherford Technology High School to place him closer to home and family. We wish him well in this move. Ms Alison Clark has accepted a permanent appointment and will continue to provide quality education for our students. Ms Emma Kirkaldy has relinquished her position as she wishes to pursue avenues other than teaching. While we wait for a permanent replacement to be appointed, Ms Kath Forster continues in her role, again providing excellent work for students. Congratulations to Ms Sarah James who was married in the school holidays and is now Mrs Sarah Lovatt.

Classes are well under way now and during Term 1 the following has been planned:

  • Year 8 boys' and girls' class will participate in the Squirrel Glider project at the Wadalba Wildlife Corridor. They will work with their teachers and the staff from Rumbalara Field Studies Centre to conduct this investigation. The education bus from Taronga Zoo will also contribute to students learning and understanding of threatened habitats. 
  • We are looking at offering an excursion to IMAX for Year 9 students in Term 2. The cost would be approximately $16.50 plus the cost of train fare and food/drink. The numbers would be restricted to a first in basis and offered to students who have consistently demonstrated the school values of Excellence, Respect and Responsibility.
  • Year 11 Business Studies students are about to participate in the Stock Exchange Game. This is always both an educational and fun exercise that increases student understanding of public companies and financial institutions.
  • Some students are being offered the opportunity to enter the Business Studies competition run by the tertiary sector. There is a cost of $5.50 per student for this exercise. A note will go home this week to provide information for parents and students.

The first assessment task for the Preliminary Business Studies Course is due on 2 March and Modern History students will be issued with their first assessment task this week.

Year 8 History

Year 8 students are studying History for the first semester and will have an assessment task issued to them by the end of Week 6.  During Semester 2 Year 8 students will study Geography.

Year 9 Geography

Year 9 are studying Geography this semester and will be issued with an assessment task early in Week 6. The task asks them to use their Netbooks to research and present work on Australian Natural Disasters. The task will be due at the end of Term 1. In Semester 2 Year 9 will be studying Australian Communities and Civics to enhance student understanding of our political system. Students will again have the opportunity to make excellent use of their Netbooks.

Year 10 Geography and History

With the demise of the School Certificate we have decided to blend History and Geography in some units. There are many areas where the work overlaps and offers a different perspective on important events. At the end of Term 1, we will evaluate the progress of this initiative. Student feedback will also be sought.

The first units focus on Australia's place and role in the world and the second unit looks at the reasons for our immigration patterns and the impacts of immigration on Australia and Australians. Both units aim to expose students to a wider view of their world and to encourage the development of informed opinion in our young adults.

Parents should be aware that students with Netbooks will also be required to have a subject workbook on all occasions. The faculty focus will be on developing student writing as well as subject related skills and knowledge. All successful students put in effort beyond their class work.

The ANZAC assembly will be organised by Mr Steven Allanson and Mrs Sarah Lovatt.

Senior students in Business Studies, Ancient History, Modern History, Legal Studies and Society and Culture are well into their course work. The importance of completing assessment tasks on time and to a high standard cannot be stressed enough. Please take the time to read the information in the HSC and Preliminary course handbooks that relate to assessment tasks.

All senior students should be referring to the Standards Packages (available through the Board of Studies Website) and completing past exam questions on the topics they have covered.

Please encourage students to seek assistance from their teachers EARLY so that they can be properly supported through Stage 6.


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Jenny Bennett
Head Teacher HSIE