Human Society & its Environment

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Did you know that every breath you take you are doing Geography

How about being fitting into your community? – Citizenship

When you learn about the past – you are learning how to cope with your future.

Every time you step out the door you are part of the world of HSIE.

Why do we follow rules? Why do we make laws?

Want to be your own boss? – consider finding out about the world of business

Want to buy a house or car one day?

Want to find out how to manage your money?

What's happening with all these weird weather events? Where did Summer go? When is it going to stop raining??

Is Global warming real?

Want to get a job when you leave school? – you need to understand the world we live in

Want to have a job to go to when you leave school? – you need take an interest in the environment and what humans do to affect it.

Are you interested in different people, cultures, languages, customs? Why do people do things differently to us?

What can we do to avoid future wars? Why are Australian troops fighting in Afghanistan? Why did Australians fight in WWI and WWI?

Why do we need to understand all this????

We are all citizens of planet earth. It has limited resources and populations are growing rapidly.

Can we learn from past mistakes? Have we learnt anything yet?

If these questions interest you and they should – you need to choose an HSIE subject (or 2 or 3!)


HSIE subjects

Modern History, Ancient History, Aboriginal Studies, Geography, Business Studies, Legal Studies, The Law and You, History and Geography Through Film, Commerce, Studies of Religion, Society and Culture, History & Geography Stage 4 & 5.

HSIE (Human Society in its Environment) is one of the Key Learning Areas (KLAs) that all students must study in Stage 4 and Stage 5.  HSIE is significant and important as it covers issues of interest to all of our futures.  Learning and understanding our past allows us to make considered and responsible decisions for a sustainable future.

Stage 5 students also have the opportunity to study elective subjects such as:

  • Commerce
  • The Law and You
  • History and Geography Through Film

At the end of Stage 5, students will attain A Record of School Achievement.

Stage 6 (Years 11 and 12)

Students can select from the following wide range of subjects:

  • Aboriginal Studies
  • Ancient History
  • Business Studies
  • Geography
  • Legal Studies
  • Modern History
  • Society and Culture
  • Studies of Religion


Key Annual Faculty Events

  • Biannual overseas trip to Vietnam - next trip planned for 2018
  • Relevant Fieldwork Activities - to Lakes Beach or Terrigal Beach and Lagoon in conjunction with Rumbalara Environmental Education Centre.
  • Legal Studies excursion - Maitland Gaol, Law Courts, Police and Justice Museum
  • Business Studies excursion - IMAX and Sydney Aquarium
  • Year 11 Geography Overnight fieldwork at Gibberagong Environmental Education Centre (Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park
  • Year 12 Geography visit to Sydney - CIrcular Quay, Barangaroo and Jackson's Landing to study Urban places. Year 12 will also  undertake fieldwork in the local area at Porters Creek to support learning of the Ecosystems at Risk.



All students are required by NESA to participate in some fieldwork (either real or virtual). This year we are organising the fieldwork with Rumbalara Environmental Education Centre to be at Lakes Beach. ALL students are encouraged to attend to meet the course requirements.


Will be issued in different subjects at different times to meet course outcomes and support student learning. Students are encouraged to complete work to the best of their ability to support their learning opportunities.



Students are expected to follow the school dress code. As a general rule students will wear school uniform on excursions. The exception to this may be for fieldwork activities. On these occasions it will be indicated on the information note what code of dress is acceptable. On all occasions suitable footwear is required.



2009 Dust Storm, WCS

2009 Dust Storm, Fountaindale

Storm Damage


Diamond Head, Hawaii