Faculty News



2017 has begun and our classrooms are already buzzing with interesting learning and ideas! I would ask every student to consider this positive message: START Fresh, STAY strong, FINISH well.


Year 12 have already completed their first modules and assessment tasks in Advanced, Standard, Studies and Extension 1 and 2. We would like to congratulate students on their diligent efforts so far and look forward to their continued success as the year progresses. Thanks to Mr Williams who has organised an Excursion to a performance of The Shoe Horn Sonata for our Standard English Students in Term 2. Students have been asked to pay a deposit and complete payments before the end of Term 1. Thanks also to Mrs Butlin for organising attendance at ETA Extension Study Days for our Extension English students.


Year 11 have commenced their respective English courses. In Advanced and Standard English, students are engaging in the Area of Study. This is a common course in line with the HSC Paper 1 Area of Study paper. Students will be challenged by exploring the concept of ‘Journeys' in their set text and a range of related texts, including those of their own choosing. In English Studies, students are engaged in Playing the Game, exploring the way language is used in sport through advertising, literature and practical instruction, while our Extension students are exploring the complex world of Gothic Horror Literature. The Fundamentals of English (1 unit) course has also commenced for the first time.


Year 10 students have settled quickly into routine demonstrating their increasing maturity. They will commence a study of Poetry with a TXXXC Formal Response assessment. Our junior students are meeting the challenges of new classes and teachers. Year 9 will begin with an Area of Study based on the concept of ‘Overcoming Adversity'. Year 8 and Year 7 classes will be undertaking a close study of a novel chosen by their teacher.


All students have been issued with a Study and Assessment Schedule for the year. These should be pasted into their books for easy access by themselves and parents.


Public Speaking opportunities will soon arise so interested students are encouraged to keep their eyes and ears open to sign up for debating and speaking competitions. We also look forward to organising one excursion for each year group during the year. The Year 9 Shakespeare excursion to the Opera House has been particularly popular and is expected to run again this year.


Have a great Term 1 everyone!