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Welcome back to 2017 from the Creative & Performing Arts Faculty. The faculty is a diverse hub of classroom and extracurricular activity with 2017 with many opportunities presenting themselves for students right across the K-12 spectrum.


In the classroom, the CAPA team has worked hard on refining and developing our well recognised courses. But, as always, we are looking for new opportunities that push the boundaries of student creativeness, and this will be a hallmark of 2017. Much research, locally and on a global scale, demonstrates clearly that if the community is involved in the learning programs of a school, then student outcomes are positively affected. What does this mean for parents and caregivers, it can be a simple as talking about the day's learning experiences, they might even have their art books and others at home, have a look and discuss what it means to them. Many of our course in CAPA will from time to time get you involved as an audience or a participating member.


Following is an overview of what we offer in the first part of the learning year:


Visual Art

Years 7 & 8 Topic: Indigenous Art ‘Feathers & Fins', working on 2D & 3D artworks

CAPA GaTS Royal Easter Show Exhibition

Year 9 Topic: ‘The Beach Landscape', 2D Works

Year 10 Royal Easter Show, based on the works of John Olsen

Year 11 Topic: ‘Abstraction', Experimenting with the Fundamentals of Art

Year 12 Topic: ‘Identity', focus on development of ‘Body of Work' for HSC


Mural Squad

Creating Interactive Mural's Cultural Affirmation Program: Cultural Affirmation Program: Celebrating our cultural Diversity.




Year 9 Topic: ‘Fundamentals of Photography



Primary: Infants: Fundamentals of Music Performance, Call & Response and Body Percussion

Years 7 & 8 Great Southern Land, Australian Music Topic, Indigenous to 21st Century CAPA GaTS Music for Small Ensembles

Year 9 Impact of Technology, Rock and Pop

Year 10 Music in Theatre

Year 11 An Instrument & Its Repertoire

Year 12 Music of the 20th & 21st Century Drumcorp ANZAC Day Services and March

Acapella Group (Monday afternoons) Vocal Technique, Workshop and Performances with Community

Tech Crew (Wednesday afternoons) Industry in Sound and Light, Music and Production.



Year 9 Improvisation & Characterisation

Year 10 Elements of Drama & Production

Year 11 Styles of Theatre

Year 12 Black Comedy