It's all a big Drama....

Drama has loudly, explosively, dramatically and enormously exploded into Wadalba Community School as an elective to be chosen in Years 9,10 and in the HSC.

The incredible faculty includes... the glorious, all singing, all theatrical Lisa Wright and the vivacious, energetic, young addition to the cause, Melanie Coghlan.


... Applause ... 


In the junior years of Drama, students take on an exciting study of performing, making and appreciating Drama. Students explore improvisation, mime, clowning, various theatre styles and group performance.

In the senior years, the course steps up a notch as senior students focus on performing, making and critically studying. The Year 11 and 12 Drama course includes a greater level of indicative hours where students have the chance to create their own performances, study Australian Theatre, numerous theatre styles, approaches to acting, monologues and a range of production elements.

This year, Drama students will have the opportunities to perform at school, Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) performance nights, attend excursions and audition for the up and coming Wadalba Community School Musical.

Stay tuned for more dramatic news!