Creative & Performing Arts

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As a member of the Creative and Performing Arts faculty, student or teacher, you are part of a dynamic, innovative and progressive community.  We inspire students to think creatively and expressively, highlighting their individuality and their part of the wider cultural identity of our school and community.  We encourage students to participate actively in a learning environment that supports the needs of the individual and their particular talents and gifts in the arts.  Whether you are in Year 7 or Year 12, you will be afforded the opportunity to stand out in a range of curricula and extra-curricula activities.  The Creative & Performing Arts staff are passionate artists, photographers, musicians and actors who are dedicated to imparting their skills and instilling the importance of cultural identity and confidence in our students.


The Creative & Performing Arts faculty offers a range of subjects.

Stage 4

  • Year 7 Mandatory Music (5 Periods per fortnight cycle)
  • Year 8 Mandatory Art (5 Periods per fortnight cycle)
  • Year 8 Multimedia Course (2 Periods per fortnight cycle)

Stage 5

  • Music
  • Visual Art
  • Photography
  • Visual Design
  • Ceramics
  • Screen Printing
  • Drama
  • Dance

Stage 6

  • Music 1
  • Visual Art
  • Drama
  • Photographic, Video, Digital Imaging
  • Dance

Extra-Curricular Activities and Events

  • Mural Squad - Throughout the year
  • School Promotions - Throughout the year
  • Concert Band & Instrumental Tutorials - Wednesday Afternoons 2:30 - 4:00 PM
  • Drum Corp - Tuesday Mornings 7:20 - 8:10 AM
  • Vocal Group - Thursday Mornings 7:20 - 8:10 AM
  • Photography Exhibition - Term 3
  • Showcase - Term 3 During Education Week
  • Wadalba's Got Talent - End of Term 2.

OH&S in the CAPA Faculty

There are several areas of key importance in OH&S in the CAPA faculty and must be adhered to to ensure the safety of students at all times:

  1. In the music rooms, students are guided and advised in the safe lifting of various amplification and performance equipment.  Performances involve large scale electrical and audio equipment being used and the necessary cabling that is required.
  2. In the Visual Arts/Photography classroom and darkroom, students are supplied and advised on the safe use of equipment and chemicals that produce the images seen in the classroom and exhibitions.  Safe practices are highlighted to ensure students remain safe in these key learning spaces.
  3. All students are advised on the safe use of footware and protective eyewear in areas that involve the use of chemicals in the production of artworks.

The Creative and Performing Arts Faculty uses and adheres to Wadalba Community School OH&S Policy.