Year 5/6 Green

Welcome to 5/6G's Homepage!

Welcome to Stage 3 for 2011!

Hopefully this information sheet will help answer some questions you may have regarding your child this year.


Organisational Issues

Due to the numbers of children in Year 6 this year two 5/6 composite classes were put together. All work is structured at individual levels so do not be concerned that your child is in a composite class.


Class Expectations

We have four rules in our classes and have decided to use the same rules for consistency. They are:

  • Look after yourself
  • Look after each other
  • Look after our place
  • Have fun

Rewards such as Wadalba Winners and Commendations are handed out to reward good behaviour.

There are consequences for disobeying our class and school rules.



Students should be reading at the following levels

  • Year 6 – Touchdown     
  • Year 5 – Orbit    
  • Year 4 – Blast Off 
  • Year 3 - Countdown



This year we will be following the ‘Exemplary Maths Program'. We have now been using this program for several years in the school and it is proving to be very successful in helping to develop students understanding and learning in Maths. Later in the year we will divide the children up and work as a whole stage with Mrs Allan's and Ms Fazzolari's 5/6/AF class



Please check that your child has the correct equipment including a dictionary. A USB memory stick is required for all Stage 3 students as well as general stationary equipment such as a ruler, glue stick, scissors and blue and red pens. Students are not allowed to bring or use textas at school or in their books.



Every student needs a book to read every day in DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) this is straight after lunch, please ensure you child has a chapter book at their reading level each day of the week.



5/6G Tuesday, 9:30 am

Students need a cloth library bag as the bags help protect the library books. They are available at the office for $4. Students are encouraged to borrow every week and may use this book for DEAR.



Throughout the year, there will be several competitions. To challenge the students more, we would  like as many as possible to enter in these. The NSW University competitions are approx. $6/competition. We also will have the Premier's Reading Challenge, which I would like to see every child participate in.

Home Reading

Please encourage and support your child in doing this every night as it is essential to their development in their progress in literacy especially if they are not yet at the expected grade level. Please ask your child to read aloud, as this helps with fluency. It can be to parent or sibling. Your child will have a yellow reading card that requires signing by the adult at home and returning to school on Thursday.


Visitors Pass

Please ensure that you sign on at the office before approaching the classroom.


Pick up

At the end of the day please wait for your child near the canteen as the noise can be disruptive.


Teacher Appointments

If you wish to speak to any of us about any issue please phone the office and we can either phone you back at a convenient time or arrange to meet with you in person. If your child has an issue which you have a concern about please speak to us before any rash decisions are made as we are always approachable. We are not always available to discuss issues in the morning as this my preparation time.



We are very excited about the excursion in Term 4 (October 17 – 19) to Milsons Island. More information will be provided to those students who wish to attend in the near future. The excursion can be paid for in instalments. Final payment must be made 2 weeks prior to departure. Approximate cost for the excursion at this stage is not finalised. When a definite cost is organised, you will be informed.



This will be given out on Fridays and returned on Thursdays. Homework will be emailed to your child's student mail account and can be submitted either via email or in their homework book. Access to a computer at school is available and each child is aware of how to download their homework. If completing homework is an issue in your house, please remind your child that it is their responsibility not yours!!


Late and Absentee Notes

Students arriving late must obtain a late note from the office before coming to class. All notes for days absent must be returned within 7 days or an unexplained absence is recorded. Please include your child's full name and class as well as a reason for their absence. For example:  John Smith 5/6G was absent due to illness. Please note that a day off for their birthday is NOT an acceptable reason and will be recorded as an unacceptable absence.



Black shoes are to be worn everyday except Fridays when white joggers are acceptable. School hats are compulsory everyday (No hat, no play policy). Girls should wear dresses / skirts everyday except sport days. Year six students are allowed to wear white school shirts. On P.E days, black shoes are to be worn and children have to change into joggers for the P.E. lesson.



Friday morning. The current program is being run by "Sport in Schools". This involves a variety of activities covering a wide range of sporting skills. Alternative sport is organised for those who don't participate in this program.


I look forward to working with your child this year. Please discuss any problems that may arise by making an appointment.


Thanks for your ongoing support.


Miss Green