Year 3 Crowther

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  1. Communication

    Please know that your child's welfare and happiness is of the utmost importance to me and that should there be any concerns from home or at school that may affect your child's behaviour or performance I would appreciate knowing so that I can take this into account. If you need to speak to me, please write a short note or ring the office to make an appointment to see me. Thus an appropriate time can be designated to your child's needs. It is not possible to stop lessons to discuss students with parents and before and after school times are not always appropriate with the need for preparation, staff meetings and the like.



    The children will receive homework on Mondays and this should be handed in on Fridays. I will check that it is done on Fridays, but parents need to check what their child is doing, mark any errors and sign the work each day. Marking out errors at the end of the week after the weekly test does not help the child. It is important that children know of errors immediately so that they can make corrections and avoid practising the wrong thing. Each week the children will be expected to practise writing out their spelling lists once each night, learn addition/subtraction and multiplication/division facts or complete a maths game or task and do nightly Home Reading (5 nights per week).


  2. Please set aside 5 minutes to hear your child read and record the pages and sign your name on the chart. The children must show their signed yellow chart each day to the teacher or parent helper, so that we can be sure the Home Reading has taken place. They will receive a star as acknowledgement each 10 days. When they have read for 25 nights they should show me and they will be rewarded with a certificate in class. When they get to 50 nights a certificate will be presented at the following assembly. Could you please make sure all readers are put directly back into their plastic Home Reading folders as soon as your child finishes reading each night. That way the books are protected from being damaged or lost. Homework should only take approximately half an hour a night. In consultation with your child, try to choose the best time to do this and stick to it so that it becomes part of the child's daily routine and discipline.


    Changes of Routine

    Mrs Shaw is taking the class for R.F.F. on Thursdays after recess and in this time she will be teaching Personal Development/Health and Physical Education.


  4. On Tuesdays at 1.30pm the children have Library with Mrs Carraro, who will work in conjunction with me in the study of our integrated units, to teach research skills using books and the computer. Please make sure your child has a library bag for borrowing or they will not be allowed to borrow. They also need to have their identity swipe card.


  5. Where possible, each day after lunch we have D.E.A.R. time and children must either have a book from home or borrowed from the Library to read during this time. Please encourage them to bring books to school which they are capable of reading silently.


  6. On Friday morning the children have Sport. This term it is the "Sport in Schools" program which operates from 9.10-9.50. Please make sure your child always has a hat at school and that he or she wears appropriate sports uniform and footwear. Children should also carry a water-filled bottle with them. Any child who gets asthma should also take their inhaler with them as well. The cost is $40 for the 10 week program or $4.00 per week.

    Also on Fridays we have a Weekly Assembly starting at 11.00 a.m. Each class has a turn at running the assembly and our turn this term is in Week 8.


    Parent Helpers

    If you would be interested in helping in the classroom, please let me know. I am having reading groups each day from Monday-Wednesday at 11am. If you feel you could contribute in some other way e.g. Maths, craft, computer skills etc. please let me know so that we can fit you into an acceptable time. "Count Me In Too" groups are first thing on Mondays if you would like to help with this. All parent helpers must sign in at the office before coming to the classroom and a visitor's pass will be given to you to wear. For Child Protection purposes they must also have filled out a form declaring that they have not had criminal charges laid against them. Similarly, parents must go to the office to get a pass for their children if they come to collect them during school hours.


    Absence Notes

    Please send a note explaining your child's reason for absence as soon as possible after the child returns to school. The child's name, class and date of absence must be on the note and a clear reason given. The note must be signed by the parent.


    Book Covers

    I have covers already prepared if any parents would like to volunteer to cover our books. Year 3 students usually struggle to do this well and we would be wasting valuable teaching/learning time if I had to supervise them doing this.


    School Requisites

    Please check the list given out previously. I would hope all children would come to school each day with 3 sharpened lead pencils (not Pacers please), coloured pencils, a sharpener, an eraser, highlighters and a solid 30 cm ruler marked in centimetres. Please do not send them with bendy rulers as they make ruling straight lines impossible. Metal rulers are too dangerous. They should also have a solid, stick glue and a pair of child-safe scissors. I would also like all students to have a dictionary. The only time children are allowed to use textas is in particular art lessons and these will be provided by the school. Each child should have 2 cardboard envelope folders. One is for completed stencils and the other for unfinished stencils. It is also helpful if they have a flat clip board to lean on when they are outside doing activities like art, practical maths or surveys.


    Novel Reading

    It is my intention to read various novels to your children this year. This is a great way to encourage borrowing from the library and to introduce different writing styles, and it models good writing for the children to use in their own writing.


    Units of Work

    In Term 1 our main study will be "Understanding Each Other," which looks at differences in the lifestyles and values of people in different parts of the world and compares them with our own. Mrs Carraro will support this unit by teaching research skills related to the planets and the solar system and how the movement of these heavenly bodies affects time and the weather of places all over the world. This can then be related back to the lifestyle of people in these places.


  7. In Term 2 the main study will be "State and National Parks." In Term 3 we will study "Making it Easy - Man and Machines" and in Term 4 the topic will be "Mini-Worlds."



    The children have been given the opportunity of auditioning for inclusion in a Year 2-6 choir this year. Rehearsals will be on Thursdays after lunch. Those who are not able to be included in the choir yet will participate in Creative Arts groups at that time.



    This year we have booked an excursion through Rumbalara Environmental Education Centre to study national parks in Term 2.


    I do hope this has given you a fairly clear picture of what will happen in my class this year. If you have any further questions please don not hesitate to ask. I am already enjoying teaching your children and look forward to a great and successful year of learning ahead. Please remember that we are in partnership with one another for the betterment of your child and that I value your contribution and communication.


    Yours sincerely,


    Kerry Crowther

  8. Classroom Teacher