Year 1/2 Collins/Wash

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Mrs Lee-Anne Collins - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Mrs Taryan Walsh - Thursday, Friday

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Our library day is Wednesday. Students are able to borrow 2 books each week. They need to bring a library bag to borrow. A helpful way to keep library books from being lost is to return them to the library bag as soon as they have been read.



Homework is sent home on Mondays and due on Fridays. Students must complete the activities on the worksheet. Some tasks need to be done in their homework book. Records are kept of who is completing homework and is noted on student reports each semester. Ideally, try to make doing homework as routine as possible, eg. every afternoon after having a snack, or while you are preparing dinner. Students are tested on their spelling words each Friday, so it is beneficial for them to practise at home throughout the week.

Study Ladder:

This is an excellent free website that is available to registered students. They can complete a maximum of 3 activities a day. As a part of homework, students are asked to do a minimum of 3 per week. Tracking of student access and progress are reviewed regularly. If your child needs assistance that is fine, but do not do the work for them as this effects their results.


Home Reading:

10 minutes reading time each night helps improve reading and encourages students to make it a regular part of their home life, a skill for lifelong learning. As books become longer, students can record the pages they have read in 10 minutes on their card each night. The yellow cards will be used to count towards their reading night count. If your child wants to read for longer than 10 minutes, encourage them to do so. Certificates are given for 25, 50, 75 and 100 nights reading.


Rewards and Discipline:

Throughout the day, students will be encouraged to follow the class and school rules and will be rewarded for this, as well as for participation, effort and results. Students are given Wadalba Winners, stickers, free time, ice block vouchers and prizes as rewards. Three students each week are also given a Commendation at assembly. These should be saved and given to Ms Furey for each 5 collected. 5 = Bronze Award, 3 Bronze = Silver Award, 3 Silver+ participation in extra curriculum school activities + participation in a community event = Gold Award. These awards can be carried over each year.


If students have broken a class rule or are being disruptive, a series of 3 warnings will be given followed by time in Time Out. Depending on the severity or persistence of behavior, a student may be sent to a buddy class for a given time.


Playground behaviour - When out in the playground at recess and lunch, students must behave appropriately following school rules. Breaches in the rules may result in entry into the Infringement Book, which will incur a detention. A letter will be sent home for parents to sign and return. Each 5 weeks we have a reward day. Students who are in the Infringement Book during the previous weeks will miss out on the reward day.





Reading, Writing, Talking and Listening. This also includes spelling, grammar, handwriting and computers.


Reading Students will be doing Accelerated Literacy throughout the year, as well as Guided Reading Groups. The aim is to develop reading ability as well as comprehension. Please do not focus on the ‘number' level you child is reading. Students can progress quickly at first, and then as they read more challenging texts, will stay on levels for quite a while as we work on their comprehension. You can help by discussing with them what they are reading, characters, main ideas and their thoughts about topics. Their home reading text should be easy for them to read and texts used in class are more difficult for instructional purposes.


Writing - We will focus on 1 to 2 text types a term, such as Recount and Information Report. Students will be exposed to many different text types throughout the year.


Talking and Listening - This includes News, as well as structured lessons to develop these skills. In Term 2, students will participate in a Public Speaking competition. Please make sure your child is prepared, as this is highly valued at Wadalba.


All the strands of Maths are covered throughout the year on a rotational basis. These are assessed regularly to inform about progress and future planning. Ability grouping is used to provide suitably leveled work for all students. On Monday mornings we have Count Me in Too (CMIT). Students from Kindergarten to Year 4 are ability grouped on their Number knowledge and may go to a different teacher for this. If you are able to help on Mondays 8:40 to 9:40, this would be much appreciated.


Human Society and it's Environment (HSIE)/Science and Technology:

Two topics are studied each term to develop students' understanding of the world around them. We may occasionally have an excursion to develop these understandings.


Visual Art/Dance/Drama/Music:

We will be undertaking a variety of creative arts throughout each week.



Students will participate in Sports in Schools in Term 1. This is a very beneficial program that provides them with opportunities to experience equipment that would not be normally available the school setting. Students will be working on developing their fundamental movement skills, specific sports, team work and fair play in Terms 2, 3 and 4 during sport. Year 2 to Year 6 students will be offered the opportunity to participate in a two week Intensive Swimming Scheme later in the year.


The Athletics Carnival and the Cross Country Carnival will be held later in the year and all students K-6 participate. We will also be having K-2 Dance each week from Term 2.


Students will participate in Peer Support in Term 2, Drug Education in Term 3 and Child Protection lessons in Term 4.


Premier's Reading Challenge:

This commences officially in March. Please go to the website to find the book lists and record your child's reading list. You can log on using your child's school username and password. This is usually firstname.lastname, sometimes followed by a number. Please see the teacher if you are having difficulty logging on.



The Primary canteen is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes and Friday recess. Volunteers are always appreciated. Lunch orders need to be put in the basket in the morning or can be ordered online.


Fruit Break:

Please provide either fruit or a vegetable for fruit break, which is at 9:30 each day. Be mindful of the size or amount, as students only have 10 minutes. (A large apple is often wasted as it takes too long to eat.)



If your child arrives after the bell, they must obtain a late note from the office. A note will be sent home for you to return with the reason for being late. Please make sure your child arrives on time. We are aware that sometimes circumstances beyond your control prevent this, however it is important to teach children about following schedules.


If your child has been absent, please send a letter of explanation as soon as they return to school, including their full name, dates and the reason. After 7 days without a letter, the absence is recorded as unexplained and recorded on their file and report.



Please remember that some children have severe allergies to food products. All nut/ nut-based and egg products should not be sent to school. Eg. Peanut butter, Nutella, curried egg etc.



Please place money in a sealed envelope with your child's name, class, what the money is for, and the total amount enclosed.


Parent Teacher Interviews:

These are in Term 1 and are invaluable for providing an insight in progress and for developing goals for the remainder of the year.



Sent home at the end of Terms 2 and 4.


Meeting with the Teacher:

Occasionally you may want to speak with a teacher regarding concerns about your child. It is preferred if an appointment is arranged to ensure the issue is given our full attention. We are unable to speak after the morning bell has gone.



If you would like to send a cake for your child's birthday, please send individual cupcakes, donuts, chocolates etc., as a small round cake (particularly a supermarket mud cake) is very difficult to cut and share amongst a class full of students.



Friday 11:00 each week, except for special Assemblies, eg. Fathers' Day Breakfast. Our class item is in Week 5.


Letterland Day:

Wednesday Week 10 Term 1.


Home time:

Please wait in the canteen area until the bell has gone if you are picking up your child in the afternoon. Packing up in the afternoon is sometimes hectic and easier with as little disruption as possible. The teachers are available every afternoon except Tuesdays for informal chats or questions.


Thank you for your support. We look forward to a great year full of fun and learning!


Mrs Collins and Mrs Walsh