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The Library is a major educational centre for our school, where students can work individually, in small groups, or in a class.

The library is fully automated with students having access to four OPACs to locate resources, an information laboratory, (computer room) a classroom area equipped with computers, and an interactive Whiteboard located in the Primary side of the library. Students may use the computers in designated class times, or whole school breaks during recess and lunch. Specified times for Primary students are posted in each primary classroom and in the library.

Primary students visit the library for a 1-hour Literacy & Information Skills lesson each week.


Library Borrowing:

Borrowing limits vary according to the student's grade.

 Kindergarten:        1 book

Years 1 & 2:          2 books

Years 3, 4, 5 & 6:  3 books


Books maybe borrowed for a two week period and must be returned or re-borrowed after this time. The library system will not allow the student to borrow when the student has overdue books. If the student has not returned their book after the due date, an overdue notice will be issued. Phone calls and written correspondence to parents and caregivers will be made if the books have failed to be returned after repeat notifications, and if the book has been lost or damaged.

The use of a library bag is essential to help keep books from getting lost or damaged. Students will not be able to borrow without a library bag. If needed, school library bags are available at the front office desk for $4.

Students are encouraged to borrow weekly and during the term breaks. There will be no borrowing over the Christmas vacation break.

 Students are encouraged to choose a suitable book for themselves. Please contact the librarian if you are concerned about your child's book choice.


Lost or Damaged Books:

If a book has been lost or damaged the library staff will:

  • Check the shelves to ensure that the book has not been returned (It may have been incorrectly scanned on return).
  • Check with the classroom teacher to see if it has been left in the classroom.
  • Ask for payment so that a replacement copy maybe purchased.

Payment for lost or damaged books is to be sent to the office where it will be receipted, the receipt then sent to the librarian to photocopy and the original given to the student to take home.

 If the book is later found and returned in good condition, a full refund will be given. 


Natalie MacDonald

Primary Teacher Librarian