4/5D (Daley)

Welcome to the 4/5D Homepage!


Hopefully this information will assist in answering any questions you have regarding your child's schooling. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to approach me after class or make a formal appointment through the school's front office.


Weekly Overview – 4/5D






Homework sent home

Star Cards sent home




RFF with Mrs Collins (Australia: You're Standing In It)


Homework due

Sport In Schools

Assembly at 11am – parents welcome


Units of Study

Term 1: Australia: You're Standing In It!

Term 2: Stuck On You

Term 3: British Colonisation

Term 4: A Look Inside

Class Requisites

The following list may act as a guide only in helping you with your back to school shopping.

-          A pencil case containing at least 2 black/blue pens and a red pen,

-          highlighters,  3 lead pencils, ruler, glue stick, coloured pencils, sharpener and eraser.

-          2 Manilla folders

-          One A4 homework book (at least 100 pages)             

-          One A4 pencil case/protective folder for your home reader each night

-          A book for reading during DEAR time each day

-          One box of tissues

-          One ream of A4 paper

-          One library (cloth) bag clearly labelled with your child's name.

Composite Class Structure- Due to the number of enrolments in Years 4 and Year 5, a composite class has been established to help cater for the individual needs of all students. For various class-based and primary-based activities, students are grouped according to their academic levels. Please be assured that the needs of all students will be met.

Home Reading - All students are required to have a folder/A4 pencil case to protect their home reader. Each night, students will be required to read a book, text of their choice. Home reading books will be levelled according to your child's reading level. The home reading program is very successful in helping children develop reading skills. Children may select a book from school or use one of their own personal texts from home. Children will receive special milestone certificates as they reach 25 nights, 50 nights, 75 nights and 100 nights of home reading. Parents are strongly urged to dedicate a small portion of time each night to listen to your child read. Assisting children in their reading development is crucial in the middle of schooling.

Library - Students will attend one library session each week. This will be each Tuesday afternoon from 1.30pm – 2.30pm. Students will require a labelled library bag in order to borrow books.

Homework will be given out each Monday during class. Please ensure your child completes the sheet and glues it into their homework book. Homework is due Friday and if handed in late, will not be marked until the following week. Students who complete their homework on time each week of the term will receive a NO HOMEWORK PASS to use when they desire.

Visitors Pass - If you are able to dedicate any of your time throughout the week to help out with changing home readers, reading groups or maths groups, please see me. Any help is always appreciated. Please be sure to sign in at the school office prior to coming into the classroom.

Uniforms - Black shoes are to be worn every day except Fridays when white joggers are acceptable. School hats are compulsory everyday (No hat, no play policy).  During wet weather, raincoats are preferable but not needed. We are lucky to have plenty of under-cover areas in our school. We ask that you please avoid umbrellas when possible to reduce the likelihood of accidently injuring eyes etc.

Sport- We have sport on Friday mornings. The current program is being run by "Sport in Schools". This involves a variety of activities covering a wide range of sporting skills. Alternative sport is organised for those who don't participate in this program. I encourage all parents to consider the "Sport in School" program as it is a great opportunity for children to utilise the resources and expertise from specialist-trained staff.   Students can pay each week or can make a lump payment to the school office ($4/week or $40/term).

Birthdays - If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday at school please send in cup cakes or individual bags, pieces / slices. Please avoid nut-based products. Please let me know if you'd like the class numbers prior to sending in cakes.

Allergies - Please be mindful of children in our school that suffer food allergies. Please no nuts or nut based products and/or egg products in school lunches.

Fruit Break (Crunch and Sip) - Each day at 9.30 / 9.45am children are given a five minute break to have a piece of fruit or vegetable and a drink of water.

Drop Off/Pick up

Thank you to all parents for remaining under/near COLA in afternoons. As you can understand this is a busy time when students and teachers are packing up, handing out notes and giving information for the following day. When children see and hear family and friends outside they are often distracted which makes this a much longer process.


To encourage all children to speak confidently in front of their peers, each child will present news once per week on their allocated day. Each week, children will be given a topic and they will be required to research this topic and present their findings to the class. Children who have ‘special news' will be allowed time to share exciting events such as holidays when time permits.

I thank you in anticipation for your assistance with the above information. Please do not hesitate to speak with me to discuss any needs your child might have. I am confident that this year will be extremely productive and educationally enriching for all of the students at Wadalba Community School.



Miss Leah Daley

(Class Teacher)