Principal's Welcome

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I would like to welcome students and their families, including new families, to the school. 

I would like to wish all of our students a prosperous year for their learning and in their many other endeavours. We look forward to working with families. 




School Directions


We remain focused on the work in classrooms that happens each and every lesson. This includes seeking ways to build the capacity of students to be active and passionate about their learning.


This is supported by three key directions that frame our School Plan:

1. Learning for all is first and foremost

2. Challenging students while making them feel successful

3. A culture fostering optimism, diversity and community.


As well as seeking input from families about the directions of the school each year, later in the year we will also be hoping to work together to shape the key ideas that will focus our new three year plan commencing in 2018. 


Kind Regards

Jason McGrath BA Dip Ed MEd (Research)



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#Learning is first and foremost

I would like to acknowledge the work of students, supported by their teachers, in each and every lesson as they focus on progressing their learning. It is great to be able to see the range of ways that learning takes when walking through the school.

Congratulations to Jessica Wilson from Y12 2016 who had her Society and Culture Personal Interest Project placed in the NSW State Library recently and was subsequently interviewed by local media. Read her story at .

It has been terrific to read Semester One student reports. There have been many that reflect high achievement or demonstrating great progress for their efforts. Here is a small sample of comments:

"… can be relied upon to bring a positive and motivating influence to the class… consistently displays a proactive work ethic and regularly seeks feedback and incorporates advice to improve his level of achievement"

"…. Always works to the best of their ability"

"… actively engages in all lessons, both practical and theory, and collaboratively works with peers… readily accepts feedback form the teacher and uses this to improve her work".

I have encouraged students to read their reports to plan goals for their next steps that can complement discussions between families and teachers at Parent Teacher Night meetings.

There are many great ideas for students to use to support revision of learning on our school website at .Two examples from the WCS Student Owned Homework Google Doc  are:

101. Recall 5 points for each lesson from the day.

111. Use traffic light colours to mark learning points you are reviewing in your classwork that you are (green) confident about understanding (yellow) think you understand but want to check your understanding or (red) do not understand/ could not explain to someone else.


Year 12 students can access a Study Guide published by NESA at .



Thank you to our student teams who led our involvement in a number of important national and international days including International Women's Day, the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, and Harmony Day. We will also commemorate ANZAC day with school assemblies at the end of this term as well as be represented at the Wyong ceremonies on the day.

I was pleased to be able to report back to the secondary school formal assembly that we achieved the commitment we made at the 2016 term one assembly to review and update our anti-bullying plan. I would like to thank the many stakeholders who provided input either directly about the plan or indirectly through the Tell Them From Me survey. Our new plan, based on some work researched by our Wellbeing team, is called our Everybody Matters No Matter What plan. We hope this message will become something we are proud to associate with what we stand for as a school community. Below is the draft statement of purpose for the plan. We will add the plan to our website early next term and will continue to seek feedback as we initiate, implement and embed key actions.



Congratulations to the P&C for their organisation and running of the second annual P&C Market Day. Thank you to those who were able to come along and enjoy a great community day.

Thank you to the K-2 parents who were able to be involved in our inaugural Reading Together program aimed at assisting parents to support their children with reading at home. Feedback highlighted how reading with children has become easier and more enjoyable for all.

Thank you to students and families who joined the school contingent for the Wyong ANZAC Day march. 


#Student Leadership

Congratulations to House Teams who have run their charity weeks. As well as raising funds for charity, the efforts of the House teams add to our school spirit.

I would also like to acknowledge that student leadership team who have been working on a number of initiatives to continue to enhance our school.




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