Caring for students



Regular attendance at school is essential if students are to maximise their potential.  While parents are legally responsible for the regular attendance of their children, school staff, as part of their duty of care, monitors part or whole day absences.


Principals may grant:

  • sick leave to students whose absences are satisfactorily explained as being due to illness.  The principal may request a medical certificate when absences are frequent or prolonged.
  • ‘Leave'to students totalling not more than 15 days per school year.


Principals may decline to accept as satisfactory an explanation for an absence.   In this case a capital ‘A'would be marked in the roll to denote an unjustified absence.


Applications for leave in excess of 15 days (eg. for family holidays, domestic necessity, employment or health of the child) should be treated as applications for exemption from school attendance.  Application for Exemption forms are available from the school and must be returned to the principal before the leave is required allowing time (at least 14 school days) for the application to be processed.


Home School Liaison Officers conduct regular roll audits of school attendance registers and provide support to principals when a student's pattern of attendance is of concern.


The policy School Attendance in Government Schools Procedureshas recently been revised.    A copy of the policy can be obtained from the Department's "Our Policies"website.

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